Residence Mlynářská 4

Residence Mlynářská 4

The very heart of Prague is waiting for you – the Old Town. The area around the house has been inhabited since prehistoric times, the continuous Prague settlement dates from around 850 AD. This is where Central European history was born. The current appearance of the Old Town follows the medieval layout of romantic winding streets and corners, and it is Petrská quarter that will breathe upon you the atmosphere of Rudolphine Prague without crowds of tourists.

The spacious and newly renovated accommodation units meet all modern standards of living. The flats are oriented to the west and east, which guarantees the sunshine to every window.

Rezidence Mlynářská 4, fasáda

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Available rental apartments

G5: 1+KC, 23,2 sqm, 1st floor
Prague 1
12.000 CZK, available immediately
G6: 2+KC, 55,8 sqm, 2nd floor
Prague 1
22.000 CZK, available immediately
G10: 2+KC, 55,7 sqm, 3rd floor
Prague 1
21.000 CZK, available immediately
G16: 2+KC, 56,1 sqm, 5th floor
Prague 1
21.000 CZK, available immediately
G18: 2+KC, 47,0 sqm, 5th floor
Prague 1
21.000 CZK, available immediately
G19: 2+KC, 69,4 sqm, 6th floor
Prague 1
26.000 CZK, available from 20210315
G20: 3+KC, 90,3 sqm, 6th floor
Prague 1
40.000 CZK, available immediately
no. floor layout floor size price availability
Apartment no. G5 floor: 1 layout:  1+KC Floor area: 23,2 sqm Price: 12.000 CZK available immediately
Apartment no. G6 floor: 2 layout:  2+KC Floor area: 55,8 sqm Price: 22.000 CZK available immediately
Apartment no. G10 floor: 3 layout:  2+KC Floor area: 55,7 sqm Price: 21.000 CZK available immediately
Apartment no. G16 floor: 5 layout:  2+KC Floor area: 56,1 sqm Price: 21.000 CZK available immediately
Apartment no. G18 floor: 5 layout:  2+KC Floor area: 47,0 sqm Price: 21.000 CZK available immediately
Apartment no. G19 floor: 6 layout:  2+KC Floor area: 69,4 sqm Price: 26.000 CZK available from 20210315
Apartment no. G20 floor: 6 layout:  3+KC Floor area: 90,3 sqm Price: 40.000 CZK available immediately
No apartments available.

Utilities and service charges are not included in the prices shown here.

Services nearby

Many restaurants, cafes, shops and bars can be found in the immediate vicinity – steakhouse Beef House Prague bistro & coffee is right on the street corner and you can experience almost endless variations of international and domestic cuisine within three minutes walk. For larger purchases you will certainly use one of the largest malls in Prague – Palladium. And if that isn’t enough for you, another mall is just across the street. Nearby you can visit a multiplex cinema and a range of shops with all conceivable goods in various passages through the ancient houses.

The network of pharmacies, general practitioners and specialists is complemented by cosmetic services, spas and all sorts of cultural activities.


An indisputable advantage here is the starting point right in the historic center of the city, under the patronage of UNESCO, but virtually any block of buildings from your house to the west hides a piece of history, and every second corner you come across reveals a church. The Romanesque period, the Gothic period, the Baroque period.

Right next to the house there is the Petrská Tower together with the Church of St. Peter. You are also close to the Prague triangle – Republic Square, Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square, with the old Fruit market in the middle. You can wander the Prague Old Town for months and never grow weary about that.

Public transport

Public transport is well covered in the area. Within one minute you will find the bus stop of line 194, which is a thoroughfare of the Old Town, on Petrské Square. You can easily get to Florenc (metro line B, C), in the opposite direction to Staroměstská (metro line A) and even further to Malá Strana and below Prague Castle to Petřínské sady.

However, the tram lines 14 and 25, Těšnov stop, can be reached within three minutes, and five minutes walk is the Bílá Labuť stop with lines 3, 8, 14 and 24 that will take you to almost any corner of the city. The Florenc Metro Station, lines B and C, is a 6-minute walk and Masaryk Station is a 10-minute walk.

Parking is available in the street and in the surrounding blue city zones. Your visits can then use the adjacent purple zones in Těšnov and Na Poříčí streets.


Right next to the house is a small park by the Petrská Tower, a short distance thereafter the park Těšnov, or on the other side by the river bank is Lannova park with a playground. You can also easily cross the Hlávka’s Bridge to Štvanice Island, which is entirely dedicated to leisure activities. The Old Town also offers countless accessible gardens in the courtyards, e.g. the historic Garden of the Shrines or the modern Desfour Garden.

There are also a number of schools within the walking distance, from nurseries to universities.

Our residences

We offer modern rental housing in the historic heart of Prague. Our exclusive apartments offer our tenants the highest possible standard of living. Our reconstruction philosphy is to create apartments with a modern layout and an overall modern design while perserving the historical heritage of the building.

In order to achieve this goal we collaborate with prominent archutecture bureaus from all over the world.